Music Tutor

Music Tutor is a cross-platform educational game targeting mobile devices. It provides a set a of 6 ‘mini-games’ and accompanying tutorials that teach and train various aspects of music theory.

  • Pitch - the placement of notes on the stave, and accidentals.
  • Scales - the main western music scales, and how to form them.
  • Keys - the sharps and flats in key signatures.
  • Chords - how western music chords are formed.
  • Rhythm - time signatures and notating note duration.
  • Vocabulary - the traditional words used when notating and describing music.

The game includes a profiles system with achievements providing an incentive to rise through the levels of each mini game in order to unlock more difficult game settings and train music theory knowledge to a high level.

Out now on the Google Play Store and soon to be released on the iTunes App Store.

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